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Horace Mann pilots wildfire certification program in California

April 1, 2020
Horace Mann pilots wildfire certification program in California Thumbnail

The 2018 Camp Fire shocked California residents, first responders and insurance companies alike. Fueled by hot, dry gusts of wind, the fire burned 80 acres a minute at one point.

Once the fire was out, claims were settled and the rebuilding began, Horace Mann instituted a pilot “wildfire certification program” in the heavily wooded Paradise and Chico areas. An experienced Horace Mann loss control specialist visits insured homes — at no cost to the customer — to identify easily rectified risks, such as removing flammable pine needles, vegetation and firewood from the perimeter or roof of the home, using fire-resistant building materials on the roof and exterior walls, and installing vent screens to keep flying embers from entering the house.

“We can be proud that as a company, we’re doing everything in our power to prevent a house from burning down — and give people more time to get out safely,” said Matt Rubin, Horace Mann assistant vice president.

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